Wise Owl Compost provides food scrap removal services for both residential and commercial clients in select areas of Lancaster County.

Residential Food Scrap Pick-Up

  • For less than a dollar a day, approximately 20lbs of food scraps (and other small compostables) for each member of your household could be diverted from entering the municipal waste stream each month.
  • Residential plans include weekly and bi-weekly pick-up options.
  • Pay on a monthly basis or pay in advance to receive a discount.
  • Join our referral program to earn free services for your household.
  • No long-term commitment required!

Commercial Food Scrap Pick-Up

  • Commercial plans are offered on a weekly or 2x per week basis.
  • Improve your triple bottom line by making the environmentally responsible choice to compost food scraps.
  • Businesses receive the best rate for pick-ups by making a long term commitment.

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Q: “What do you do with our food scraps?”
A: Your food scraps are collected and brought back to be composted at our headquarters. We hope to offer finished compost for sale in the future. More about our compost pile, the compost revolution, fighting food waste and sustainable living in general is coming soon to our blog.

Q: “When will my pick-up be scheduled?”
A: For residential and weekly commercial clients, pick-ups are on Monday or Tuesday depending on location. A second weekly pick-up is available for commercial clients who produce a greater quantity of food scraps. We develop our pick-up schedule to optimize for sustainability while transporting your compost to our headquarters. Schedules are subject to change periodically.

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