Q: “What do you do with our food scraps?”
A: Your food scraps are collected and brought back to be composted at our headquarters. We hope to offer finished compost for sale in the future. More about our compost pile, the food waste revolution and sustainable living in general are comimg soon to our blog.

Q: “When will my pick-up be scheduled?”
A: For residential and weekly commercial clients, pick-ups are on Monday or Tuesday depending on location. A second weekly pick-up is available for commercial clients who produce a greater quantity of food scraps. We develop our pick-up schedule to optimize for sustainability while transporting your compost to our headquarters. Schedules are subject to change periodically.

Q: “I am just one person and I don’t feel like I can fill a bucket myself. What kind of options do I have?”
A: We offer bi-weekly pick-up for households with smaller quantities of food scraps. If you are concerned that you may not fill a bucket on an every-other week basis, we encourage you to talk to your neighbors in order to find another person/household to go in on a bucket with you. Teamwork!

Q: “I live outside of your service area but I really want to participate in your composting service! How can I get food scrap pick-up in my neighborhood?”
A: Feel free to send us an email with your information. We may be able to accommodate you or we can provide you with information in order to help get your neighbors on board and expand regular food scrap pick-up service to your area.

Q: “Do you collect…..?”
A: CLICK HERE for a comprehensive list of food scraps (and other small compostables) which we currently accept in our pick-up buckets.

Q: “I don’t know where to keep my compost bucket between pick-ups. Can you help?”
A: We will happily walk you through the process and find a good place for your compost bucket when we first come to drop it off.

Q: “What can I do with other materials that I’d like to compost?”
A: We pick up newpapers, cardboard egg cartons, leafs and holiday greens from time to time. If you have additional composting needs, please contact us via email. We hope to incorporate more regular organic waste removal services in the future.

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